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1495775598962663.jpg北京pk10注册送钱38_北京pk10加微信送彩金【信誉推荐】位于西安市高新二路,公司自成立以来就一直坚持以“诚信、和谐、品质、奉献”为立 业之本,秉承“用户至上、服务一流、开拓进取、与时俱进”的经营理念,以“凭技术开拓市场、凭管理增创  效益、凭服务树立形象、凭团队追求至善”为质量方针,以打造自身的核心竞争力为中心,致力于走科学化、规模化、多元化经营管理之道,力求以精湛的技术、可靠的质量、高效的工作、周到的服务作为企业永恒的追求。




Shaan xi Long li Industrial Co.Ltd is located in the high tech zone  second road of Xian.Since company established,we are adhering to the integrityharmonyquality and dedication, upholding the customer first,service first,forge ahead and keeping pace with the times, following the "develop the market by technology,increase the benefits by management, establish the image of reagent with service, pursuit perfection by reagent team" the quality policy, building  our own core competitiveness as the center.  In this way,our company can realize the scientific, large-scale and all-round management. Also,we strive to superb technology,reliable quality, efficient work and good service as the eternal pursuit.

Our company is a modern high-tech enterprise which includes the intelligent buildings, security defensive system ,system design for network security and premise distribution, installation ,computer equipment,and the sales goal for consumptive material etc . Our company is a member of Shaan xi Security& Protection Industry Association and the first enterprise of security technology which has been qualified by Shaan xi Public Security Department as well. And it also belongs to the qualification of a secondary intelligent building  and the qualification of a three integrated computer information technology. we have established long-term cooperation with many international  enterprises , such as Sony ,Honeywell,Samsung etc.

In order to upgrade the quality Management to the international level and regulate enterprises behaviors, we have imported ISO9001 quality management system in August 2009,besides,perform all round quality management so that the quality of management  can be much more institutional and standardized.

Our company, with a powerful technical force,has advanced construction equipment,excellent managerial talents ,besides,it has  professional design, supervision, construction teams. Our company consists of project department,technology department, commerce department , hr department ,after-sales service ,finance department and other departments.

Our company would improve our technology constantly and integration capabilities , meanwhile provide best quality products ,excellent integration technology and development capability as well and follow advanced mainstream technology, so that we can provide excellent  engineering implementation ,reliable technical support and high-quality service for the customers.




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